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Dress Code

The conservatory uniform is an integral part of the BTM Conservatory of Dance. The uniform indicates that students are in a special learning environment and allows the teacher to clearly see the student’s body, facilitating corrections on proper alignment and correct positions.

*When entering and leaving the building, students must wear appropriate clothing over their dance attire (slacks, skirts, shirts, and shoes)*

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When checking out, use BTM teacher ID #73933

Additional Dress Code Guidelines

  • No Shirts, legwarmers skirts, etc., may be worn.

  • Jewelry should be minimal; small earrings at the teacher’s discretion. Shoes should be neatly sewn with like colored thread. Pointe shoes must have ribbons.

  • Dancewear is to be kept laundered and in good repair. Any holes should be mended with the same color thread.

  • Please mark clothing, shoes, and dance bags with the student’s name and class level.

  • The dress code must be adhered to in all rehearsals.

  • Do not use fabric softeners when laundering dance attire; it damages studio floors.

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