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BTM Educational and
Community Programs

The Ballet Theatre of Maryland aims to connect our community to the art of dance by expanding access to live performances and dance education. We believe that dance has the power to unite, empower, and strengthen a community, and we aim to extend these benefits to all regardless of background, age, or physical ability.   

We are always eager to connect with new partners in our community! If you would like to connect your organization to the art of ballet and/or for a complete list of our outreach program offerings, please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Brenna Mazzara.


*All performance demonstrations and workshops can be brought to the requesting organizations’ location, allowing their members to enjoy the art of ballet in a setting most comfortable to them.*

Dancers on stage for The Nutcracker

Mini Performances

The Ballet Theatre of Maryland offers student mini-performances on weekday mornings at Maryland Hall for school groups to attend. These condensed performances expose students and seniors to the art, storytelling, and athleticism of ballet with the benefit of full production values. Matinee minis are offered for three of the company's mainstage productions and are held at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.

Each performance is approximately one hour long and is preceded by a brief introduction to help viewers enjoy and appreciate the ballet to follow. Our goal is to introduce ballet to children using the powerful language of dance as a means of understanding literature, history, and culture.  

Mini Perforances
Lecture Demonstrations

Our in-school adaptations of classic story ballets provide unique opportunities to see professional dancers in costume up close and in person. A compelling introduction to the language of ballet through a combination of storytelling, audience participation, and professional dance, these performances create a memorable experience that will inspire students.

Programs we offer:

Alice in Wonderland

Swan Lake

The Little Slippers

Company dancers during a Lecture Demonstration
Lecture Demostrations
Dance Workshops

Ballet Theatre of Maryland’s dance workshop structure offers groups an opportunity to explore creative movement and dance as exercise. This immersive workshop is an introduction to ballet including the basic positions of the legs and arms, ballet terminology, and the sequencing of steps. Participants can expect to move through an upbeat series of stretches and exercises led by one of BTM’s professional dance instructors culminating in a ballet-based dance compilation.

Ballet Theatre of Maryland’s performance/dance workshop structure includes a costumed performance by members of the professional company followed by a workshop-style class in which attendees have the opportunity to learn ballet basics and a sequence of steps demonstrated by the dancers in the performance. The organization may choose between classical excerpts or a mix of classical and contemporary works. This option allows both an educational and immersive experience and is an excellent introduction to ballet, live performance, and dance education.

Performance Workshops
Combo Workshops

This option includes a story and learning portion with a book read by one of the dancers followed by a costumed performance by the professional dancers and a dance workshop introducing ballet basics. Organizations may choose from a selection of ballet storybooks suitable for young children, and the subsequent performance will complement the chosen story. This format allows for an introduction to ballet and explores ballet as storytelling and self-expression.

Our Partnerships

Gigi’s Playhouse - Boys and Girls Club - Casey Cares

Anne Arundel County Public Library - Big Brother Big Sisters  

Anne Arundel County Public Schools - Annapolis Yacht Club

Quiet Waters Park - Ginger Cove - Brightview Assisted Living

Pretty Girl Academy - Fenwick Foundation

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