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Dancer posing outside

Adopt a Dancer Program

To create a work of art it takes some key elements...years of training, endless hours of practice, and some very expensive footwear.  An Adopt a Dancer donation helps keep dancers in the pink by offsetting some of the expenses of performing, such as pointe shoes, performance wear, or other dance costs. All donations are tax-deductible and every penny goes directly to the dancers.


Did you know that 1 pair of pointe shoes as well as 1 pair of men's stage boots can cost anywhere between $100 and $160?

Women's pointe shoes can last between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the demand of dancing. While some pairs of pointe shoes can last longer, it can be dangerous for the dancer to continue dancing on softer, unsupportive shoes. 


 In one season, a female dancer can go through as many as 14 pairs of pointe shoes, while men can go through as many as 6 flat shoes.

Help keep our dancers on their toes by donating to the Adopt a Dancer Program Today!

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Tax ID 52-1151372

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